Triple net lease deals

Generally, ownership of the building will revert to the landowner at conclusion of the lease.

What Is A Triple Net Leased Property?

Typically, the buildings in which landlords use triple net leases NNN are "equity investments", rather than "cash flow investments". For example, the owner will finance a significant portion of the purchase price on a property and pay the resulting mortgage with the lessee's monthly owed rent. There is usually a small amount left over as monthly profit for the owner positive cash flow , but the greater investment payoff comes from the tax shields afforded to the owner through the use of leverage or gearing. The resulting property is then sold after a period of equity-building, usually five years — the typical commercial mortgage term.

Why are Triple Net (NNN) Leases So Popular? Ground + Space

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Triple Net Lease (NNN)

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Truth Behind Triple Net Leases

Languages Add links. However, the landlord may not bother with investing the time and expense of a private appraisal to contest the new appraisal, as he is not the one paying the bill. This can backfire on the landlord if the tenant decides to move elsewhere at the end of the lease. The landlord will have to pay the higher tax bill until he finds a new tenant, provided he can find one willing to pay the higher expense. If similar properties are priced lower, then the landlord may be stuck with a vacant property.

A gross lease is the exact opposite of a Triple Net lease. Here, the landlord pays the expense of property taxes, property insurance and building maintenance in a gross lease. Monthly rent is significantly higher to cover these additional costs. Sometimes a gross lease states that the tenant must pay all utilities.

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Percentage leases are more complicated but common in shopping centers. They can work in any of four ways: percentage of gross sales, monthly rent plus percentage of gross sales, the greater of a fixed monthly rent or a designated percentage of sales, or a minimal fixed rent with a tiered percentage of sales.

For both landlords and tenants, it is worth taking legal and accounting advice to figure out the best lease structure, before signing on the dotted line. Diane Perez is a writer who contributes to various websites, specializing in gardening and business topics, and creates sales copy for private clients.

Investing in triple net lease properties has little room for problematic risks thanks to the agreed upon terms of the contract.

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  • A triple net lease releases all of the maintenance, repair, taxation and insurance concerns to the tenant, leaving the investor free of any unforeseen costs. Additionally, if the NNN lease property is sold, the investor has the ability to transfer his or her capital into a different triple net lease investment with no taxation thanks to a tax-deferred exchange.

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    The Spectrum of Commercial Real Estate Leases

    December 3, What are the Primary Benefits? Simple Triple net leases offer a low-maintenance upkeep that cannot be found in single and double net leases.